The archeological guide will meet you at the hotel and begin your tour at the Church of San Clemente. It is actually three structures, each built atop one another. Your guide will convey
ancient mythologies and Medieval beliefs from life long ago.
From here, your experienced guide will escort you toward the gladiators' barracks to talk about this most recognized monument in the world, the massive and impressive Coliseum.
We will start by visiting the glory of Rome and climbing to the upper piers. No need to stand on lines to do this!
This immense amphitheatre, whose imposing remains still allow us to admire its ancient splendor, is commonly considered the stadium of the professional gladiators. They were trained to fight to the death, always with the intention of cultivating the warlike spirit that had made Romans the conquerors of the known world. Continuing on, we will come to the Arch of Titus and then descend to the Roman Forum. You will then follow the path of the victorious legions up the Via Sacra and into the commercial, religious and political center of Ancient Rome. There you will view the ruins of its imposing temples, the Senate House and the Rostra from where the most important speeches were given.
This important center of civic and economic life began its activity during Republican Times, and continued to maintain an important role during the Imperial Period. It was also the route of triumphal processions for Rome's victorious generals.
Our exploration ends at the very top of Capitol Hill to gaze back at the ruins of an empire. We'll then reach the magnificent Piazza del Campidoglio, designed by Michelangelo to house the political powers of Renaissance Rome.

All the tours can be modified and adapted to every demand!
  Participants information:

tour category: walking tour guide

tour availability : everyday

tour duration : 4 hours

participants meeting time: on demand

participants meeting place
: hotel lobby

tour cost: per party of up to 6 people - Euros 230

licensed guide: included

Lunch time: none

entrance tickets: Colosseum and San Clemente

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