This is our 8-hour tour that has been designed for those visitors who would enjoy seeing Roman highlights while being informed about them. Our tour-managers are knowledgeable and speak English fluently. All of this is available from the comfort of your private car with appropriate stops on the itinerary.
If this is your first visit to the Eternal City, or if you've never had the time to explore it in detail, then treat yourself to this thoroughly researched guided tour to see all of Rome's important sites. There will be two 4-hour segments, with time for a leisurely lunch. Driven by your private bilingual guide, you will cruise effortlessly in a comfortable vehicle through Rome's unique neighborhoods. At your discretion, you will be able to stop to see specific areas for better views or to take photographs. When your tour has ended, you will have identified those parts of the city that appeal to you the most. Then you will know how to use the rest of your time here most efficiently. This escorted tour of Rome is luxury touring at its best, particularly because you will be far from the trampling hordes of visitors. It will be a very economical use of your most valuable commodity, your time!

The tour includes:
Car pick-up at the hotel at 9:00 AM, followed by a transfer to Piazza Venezia. Its present form dates back to the late 19th century. You will see that the area is dominated by the gigantic
monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, disrespectfully nicknamed "the wedding cake".Capitol Hill and the Roman Forum are just ten minutes away by car. When you arrive, you will be
awestruck by the enchanting panoramic view of the Forum Romanum. It was known by scholars as the center of political, religious and judicial life in Ancient Rome. A short walk from here will have you fully immersed in the spectacular Piazza del Campidoglio. It was commissioned by Pope Paul III and designed by Michelangelo in honor of the visit of Emperor
Charles V. The Jewish Ghetto is not far away, and your tour-manager can help you to explore the absorbing history of the Jewish community in Rome. At the time of Pope Paul IV, this community was obligated by the Church to reside within the high walled enclosure. Additionally, tJews were forced to wear
the distinctive insignia on their clothing, the Star of David, to be identified as Jews.After many scheduled and improvised stops, you'll arrive at the Piazza Navona to view the "Fontana
dei Quattro Fiume", commissioned in the Baroque style by Bernini. Nearby, you will also see the Church of St. Agnes, built by Borromini, his artistic rival.Your lecturer-guide-driver will then drive you to Pantheon, the best preserved and most fascinating building of Ancient Rome.This architectural masterpiece was a true test of the technical abilities of the architects in Roman times. From atop Aventine Hill, Rome's panorama is right before you.The Circus Maximus was where the famous chariot races took place in Imperial Rome. They were as bloody in reality as they were portrayed in the classic American movies, Gladiator and Ben Hur.
At this point, it's time to visit the glory of Rome, the Coliseum. This massive structure was able to accommodated 50,000 spectators to watch gladiatorial contests, animal hunts and naval battles. You'll then have lunch in an authentic Italian restaurant along the route of the Appian Way, the main road of the Roman Legions. After you have appreciated the specialties of Roman cuisine far from the main areas, your driver-guide will help you to form your own opinion about early Christianity
and the catacombs, our next stop.
Catacombs were greatly expanded in cunicula carved out on various levels for kilometers during the spread of Christianity in Rome. That resulted in a complex spider web of tunnels in which losing one's way was very easy. On the way back to your hotel there will be two more stops at the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain.
At the Fountain, your driver-guide will explain to you why, if you throw a coin into the fountain, you'll surely return to Rome.
All of our tours can be modified and adapted to every request!


Participants information

tour category: Van and English speaking Driver-guide

tour availability : everyday

tour duration : 7 hours

pick up time: 9.00am

participants meeting place
: hotel lobby

tour cost: per party of up to 7 people: Euros 290

entrance tickets: Colosseum and Catacombs

Lunch time: highly recommended

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