You will be picked up at your hotel in Rome and then have an enjoyable drive through the charming and verdant region of Umbria. After passing by and discovering some fascinating cities, we'll reach Perugia, the regional capital.
Perugia is a city of extreme importance with regard to its artistic, monumental and urban contributions. It represents the seat of the major cultural institutions and maintains one of the
most beautiful squares in Europe. You will be able to admire the Maggiore Fountain, the Gothic Basilica of San Lorenzo and the Palazzo dei Priori, home to the Town Hall.
For the chocolate lovers, you should know that Perugia is also home to the famous Perugina chocolate factory. The company often hosts chocolate festivals where the confection is sculpted by artists into sweet creations right on the streets. Keep in mind that once completed, the extra chocolate is often handed over to the crowds of onlookers.
We'll then head to Gubbio. Lying on the slopes of Monte Igino, Gubbio is one of the most ancient towns of Umbria. It has been extremely well preserved during hundreds of years. There, you will see the many beautiful monuments that testify to its glorious past. You'll appreciate the authentic style of the 12th century Cathedral and The Consuls Palace, the current symbol of the town. The Roman Theater is located just outside of the surrounding walls. As you wander through the narrow
streets, you will certainly observe the people as they continue to live their lives filled with fervor and authenticity.In the region of Umbria, time seems to have quite literally stopped during the Middle Ages. Gubbio's detachment from today's world is also a reality as you will experience during your visit. You will have a feeling of being a world apart. Our walk through the labyrinth of Medieval backstreets will lead us to the imposing 14th century Palazzo dei Consoli. It is said to rival Palazzo Vecchio in
Florence in its beauty. We'll be back in Rome in the late afternoon.

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tour availability : everyday

tour duration : 10 hours

pick up time: 8.00am

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: hotel lobby

tour cost: per party up to 7 people - Euros 580

licensed guide in Perugia: available on request

Lunch time: available upon request

entrance tickets: none

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